Saturday, July 24, 2004

Tiger Dodges Bullets in Thailand

TigerPosted by Hello Tiger Woods reconsiders ever playing golf again in the homeland of his Mother.

Lop Buri Golfers under Fire from Stray Bullets
The Nation, July 25, 2004

Instead of just dodging errant balls, golfers in Lop Buri have to worry about bullets as a result of the bad aim of gun enthusiasts at the provincial stadium.
Nikul Iamjan, an habitue of the Field Marshal Plaek Golf Course on the 13th Army base, said that during the past few weeks several stray bullets from the nearby shooting range in the stadium had hit trees on the golf course or passed through it while people were playing. He said golfers were understandably scared and had to play very carefully, making a dash for safer holes when they heard gunfire. 

Base commander Colonel Paisarn Thaweesap explained that some members of the gun club ignored the rules, using a larger calibre than allowed and standing too close to the targets. Most of the members were policemen.

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