Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Asian Sex Gazette Picks Top 20 Asian Babes for 2005

Lucy Liu

Asian Sex Gazette may sound like yet another sleazy and ad-driven website well worth skipping, but it's actually a rather serious and only slightly exploitive look into the world of sex in Asia. They cover the sex scene, but don't include any hardcore porn, and often get into controversial and political issues such as the recent arrest of Gary Glitter in Cambodia.

And then there's this fine list of the top 20 Asian babes for 2005, including some fine, fine photos "borrowed" from magazines such as Playboy and FHM. It's an easy way to build up your Asian babes pictorial folio, and discover some new names on the scene.

And who would have imagined that straight-laced Lucy Liu was putting out such erotic photos? Nice work, Lucy, and I still love that slightly cross-eyed look of yours.

It has been a good year at Asian Sex Gazette and we have enjoyed working to bring you quality reporting on matters of sexuality from Asia. At times the news has been good, such as women gaining rights, sexual education improving in places where it was lacking or non-existent, or the work of many to improve sexual health.

Over the year we have become recognized as a premier source for reporting on sex in Asia, and we thank you the reader for your support. Our publication has found that, for some reason, our reports on up-and-coming, sex-scandal celebrities and model profiles of beautiful Asian woman are a bit more popular than our reporting on say, human trafficking. Always seeking to serve our readership, we bring you 'Asian Sex Gazette's Top 20 Asian woman of 2005.'

These are women who made headlines in 2005, advanced the status of Asian femininity in the West and made all of us take a second glance. We believe this also provides a public service by helping our friends and professional cohorts at publications like AskMen.com, who were only able to identify a handful of Asian women for their 'Top 99' this year, by helping to increase the profile of Asian women.

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Li Fang Wei said...

this pic is a little bit scary for me anyway she's very sexy