Monday, March 27, 2006

Bali Discovery Breaks Out

Bali Art

Bali Discovery is a business and website run by Jack Daniels that provides all kinds of services for tourists and locals on the island, and has a weekly email newsletter that everyone interested in Balinese matters should subscribe to. Go to Bali Discovery and sign up. It's free, it's only once a week, and it's always got some fun stuff.

Jack is generally geared to useful news such as monthly tourist arrivals, upcoming events, and whatever, but he recently has emerged from his shell and posted some somewhat racy stuff, such as a recent modeling show held down in Nusa Dua. And today he's got some photos of the male Balinese bodybuilder who has achieved a degree of fame throughout Asia, so no matter your sexual orientation, you'll probably find some alluring flicks on his website.

Record hits on Bali Discovery dot Com. Way to go, Jack!

Bali Discovery Models Link

Bali Discovery Male Bodybuilder Link

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