Saturday, March 25, 2006

Zoriah: Thailand Tsunami Photos Revisited

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Zoriah 02

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Browsing through my Technorati tags for Thailand this morning, I stumbled across an amazing collection of Thailand tsunami photos taken by Zoriah, who is apparently a traveling photographer who specializes in war zones and worldwide disasters. Zoriah visited Thailand soon after the disastrous tsunami, and revisited the region last year to rephotograph the exact same spots of destruction.

Those of you who know Phuket, will recognize several of the businesses on Soi Bangla, including the nightclub with a pick-up truck crashed through the lower level, the destroyed McDonalds at the corner of Beach Road and Soi Bangla, and perhaps even the famous flooded interior of some hotel near the beach. It's an amazing collection that only proves how quickly and how successfully the merchants and people of Phuket were able to repair their shattered paradise.

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